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The Top “Mind Expanding” Books You Must Read (or, Hear) in 2023

If there is one thing I am certain of, it is that I would be nowhere in life without two things: people and books, from which I am constantly absorbing knowledge.

I am a listener and a reader. One of the greatest compliments my father ever gave me was about my ability to listen and then take knowledge and do.

I grew up working at my family’s “feed and seed” store helping customers with everything from growing radishes to raising champion hogs for the state fair. My dad didn’t sit down and teach those things to me. I learned by listening to him when he talked to customers.

This is how I learn best today, which is why I love listening to great — especially non-fiction — books. I also spend a lot of time driving around New England, so cueing up a good book via Audible when putting in the miles is one of my favorite pleasures.

I love all books, but non-fiction is my favorite because they stick with me and are the ones that give me a new perspective on real life. Here are the top five books that I’m most excited about this year:

Drama Free by Nedra Glover Tawwab (February)

Many people go to therapy to work through the issues in their heads, overlooking that their biggest challenges often lie in their family relationships. A wise therapist shares sage advice to help you handle problems with parents, siblings, children… and yes, even in-laws. In a time when mental health is finally getting the attention it deserves, this is a vital guide to family health.

Soul Boom by Rainn Wilson (April)

This book is written by guy who played Dwight on The Office (my favorite show) and is as edifying as it is entertaining. Rainn looks at the missing role of spirituality in the modern world through a tasty mix of existential philosophy, self-reflection, social science, and Star Trek. If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s more to life than selling paper, drop what you’re doing and buy this bundle of paper.

Magic Words by Jonah Berger (March)

A fascinating read about how the language we use shapes our impact. Jonah has a knack for making science sparkle, and he doesn’t just tell you how to write and speak more persuasively — he shows you.

The Urgent Life by Bozoma Saint John (February)

Bozoma is renowned for her professional achievements as a marketing exec at Netflix, Uber, and Apple, but her personal story is even more powerful. This is a truly moving read about love, loss, and resilience.

Selfless by Brian Lowery (March)

A thoughtful look at how our social world determines who we become. A well-known social psychologist asks us to rethink what we think drives our decisions, actions, and sense of who we are.

Happy Reading+Listening! More about these books to come!

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Stephani Worrell